Discourse over American politics, particularly over social media, is in terrible shape. What begin as well-intentioned and reasoned debates more often than not devolve into name-calling, trolling, and shouting matches. It’s a shame, particularly in the example these public “conversations” set for young people.

Online discourse is unavoidable, and it’s not stopping. And that’s a good thing. In fact, we believe that sharing one’s opinion and hearing others’ thoughts via conversation is one of the most powerful methods of learning and growing. 


 Convertsation is an all-in-one platform for teachers to structure group discussions for their students.  Students can participate in live chats with one another to talk about, well, anything! Teachers can create assignments and groups, share discussion questions and resources like news articles, images, and videos, and tailor discussions to their learning objectives.

Additionally, we provide tools like algorithmic character count for balanced participation among participants, time-limited discussions, and post-conversation reports. Teachers can monitor and jump into conversations as they happen and give live feedback to students. Students can also share curated resources like news articles, images, and videos with others in the conversation.  What we’ve built is a fun way to get students talking about important subjects in a structured, healthy way.


Our mission is to help students build stronger discussion skills  that they can take with them to the open frontiers of social media and real, face-to-face conversations. That’s why in addition to single-classroom tools, we’ve developed a matchmaking system that connects classrooms from different schools on our platform and encourages them to organize discussions between students – to help students engage with perspectives different from their own.

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