Bringing real-time, open-minded discourse to the online classroom.


Using an AI-enhanced platform and state of the art technology, the Convertsation platform boosts student interactivity, teaching efficacy, and provides engagement metrics to assess curriculum objectives.

Convertsation was built for educators to enable real-time online group discussions, boost discourse skills and provide key engagement metrics to track curriculum progress. The platform’s text-based format allows small group discussions around topics set by the instructor, with easily customizable prompts, pacing and synchronous group set up. Our technology, including patent-pending AI functions, powers more positive discourse, equitable participation and post-session insight to help educators achieve classroom learning objectives more efficiently and effectively.

Created by Carnegie Mellon students, our team’s mission is to improve online discourse and classroom engagement using technology that helps teachers easily modernize class discussions. We’re excited to help educators use our platform to modernize their online curriculum and create real-time group discussions and that produce productive, open-minded discourse.

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"We’ve watched discourse everywhere become toxic or unproductive and wanted to use technology to both teach better, more informed debate skills online, and to create more robust, open-minded discussions."

Dan Hack, Convertsation Founder and CEO

How the platform works:

The shift to online education has spurred demand for interactive tools that meet curriculum needs, provide engagement metrics, and are easy for teachers to use. The Convertsation platform is designed to easily help educators create, structure, and measure real-time online discussions among multiple, synchronous groups.

Topics, discussion prompts, groups, timing, and outside resources like news articles or videos can easily be set by a teacher. Student sign-ups can be done quickly in class, or later. Post session, Convertsation’s AI-informed analytics report provides participation metrics to assess key metrics. Educators at both the college and high school level have reported easy use, and customization to meet their needs. And because the platform allows multiple concurrent small group interaction at the same time, with educator monitoring of all groups, using Convertsation helps educators deliver efficient engagement!

Colgate University professor, Department of Education

“The conversations seemed authentic and meaningful. Students also reported the interface was inviting and easy to navigate.”


Convertsation’s platform leverages text-based interaction and AI-generated phrase suggestions, offering more balanced discussion, enabling more productive student contributions, and providing detailed post-session metrics that helps teachers assess student engagement, sentiment, and topic grasp. 


Convertsation boasts tools like visible character count, time-limited discussions, and post-conversation reports. Teachers can monitor and jump into conversations as they happen and give live feedback to students. Students can also share curated resources like news articles, images, and videos with others in the conversation. What we’ve built is a fun way to get students talking about important subjects in a structured, safe way.


Our text-centric discourse offer numerous advantages over video discussions: 

  • Text allows participation measurement of sentiment, topic grasp and word count.

  • Word count measurement helps establish more equitable participation of all.

  • Post-session measurement allows teachers to easily assess subject knowledge, sentiment and tangible participation of individuals, and full class.

Synchronous, text-based small group discussions (versus video)

Despite broad use, students and educators have expressed frustration and fatigue with video platform’s limits, and difficulty in measuring video engagement. Convertsation enables text-based real-time, small group discourse. Using the text-based format has numerous advantages, and students prefer it over video.

"I liked that it gave me a word count of the amount of words people included into the discussion. It was a good motivator to keep me in the discussion. I also liked that because I wasn't vocally expressing my opinions, I had more time to process and change what I was saying before sending it into chat."

11th grade high school student, Global Perspectives class

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